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If you believe your rights have been violated, or have questions about your rights, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation on our intake hotline at (216) 930-8900.

Our past success enables us to share risk with our clients and to enter into creative alternative fee arrangements. Call us to discuss how we might be able to craft a fee arrangement that better suits your legal and business needs and the economics of your case. 

Cutting-edge fee agreements

Litigation is expensive.  Whether it be in state or federal court, or arbitration, it can be so expensive that a person or business who has been wronged – or a person or business who has been sued – decides that it either cannot afford to fight, or that it makes more sense to settle a case than to devote the resources necessary to see it through. But there are a number of alternatives to the traditional billable hour that make sense for both clients and lawyers.  These  Alternative Fee Arrangements seek to allocate risk between law firm and client, assist both in achieving their objectives, and ultimately, provide access to justice to a wider variety of clients other than those who can afford the price of a lawsuit “whatever the cost.”

The costs of litigation can be broken down into two components. One component consists of the fees paid to lawyers and law firms for the services provided by lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants. The other component includes the expenses necessary to prosecute or defend a lawsuit. 

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