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    The attorneys at Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP do not back down from a fight, no matter how formidable the opponent. We represent victims of corporate and institutional wrongdoing—from employees to investors to entrepreneurs to those harmed by legal malpractice. CRK has recovered millions for its clients. How can we help you? Click here to read our bios »

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    Lights. Camera. Action. Cleveland vs. Wall Street (2010) is a documentary film about the case that Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP filed for the City of Cleveland concerning the subprime foreclosure crisis. The movie debuted at the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival. Click to see the trailer ».

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    Class actions allow individuals to pool their resources and bring their claims against a particular wrongdoer in a single lawsuit. Multiple plaintiffs joining together can offset the clout of even the largest defendant. Attorneys at Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP have recovered over $100 million in class actions brought on behalf of employees, pensioners, consumers, insurance policyholders, and even sports fans.

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    Is your employer forcing you to work off-the-clock without pay, or shaving your time and not paying for all the hours you work? Are you an independent contractor, or really an employee? Do you correctly receive a salary instead of overtime? Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP can help answer these questions. CRK is a leader in representing employees in wage and hour cases brought under federal and state labor laws. We have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of workers throughout Ohio and the United States.

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    Subprime foreclosures have wreaked havoc in Cleveland and across the nation. The epidemic has displaced homeowners, ravaged cities, and depleted the life savings of individuals whose investments were based on the underlying mortgages. Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP has been at the forefront in representing victims of the subprime fallout.